What is the objective of this challenge?

Financial Inclusion of Women ChallengeWhat is the objective of this challenge?



September 21 , 2020 | Posted by admin |

What is the objective of this challenge?

Karandaaz seeks to help applicants develop, refine and scale ways to reduce the gender gap in financial inclusion.

Applicants’ proposed solutions are expected to lead to (any one, few or all) of the following outcomes:

Increased uptake of financial services or products of previously un-banked and/or undeserved women

Increased autonomy of women using accounts

Increased security and privacy for women users

Improvements in economic well-being indicators (such as income, assets)

Improvement in financial capabilities of women

Enabling environment for growth of women-led SMEs and economically active women

Helping women overcome the hurdles faced by the prevalent systematic discrimination in the financial marketplace

Promoting a safer and more inclusive environment in women’s finance

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